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Debut Article! What happened to the Maui Moka??? Look here for some of the many reasons the tiny, chocolaty bean disappeared in 2001. "The Homeroaster" ™ presents, for those of you who are handy with a few basic tools and like building your own stuff, a one pound BBQ Grill Coffee Roaster you can build in your own garage (or anyone else's garage, for that matter).
Coming soon! For those more adventuresome, I will share my experiences building a two pound capacity fluid bed roaster! (A few pics are up at Two pound fluid-bed air coffee roaster More pics to come as progress continues.)

NEW! Update on the Incredible Maui Moka --The coffee trees at the Kaanapali Plantation are producing beans again!.
NEW! A Ten Pound Mega Home BBQ Grill Drum Roaster! --Here's the roaster to make you 'feel' like a serious roaster.
NEW! A Ten Pound Roaster--Phase II! --The ten pound roaster gets a facelift, and a couple of new features.
NEW! A Tiny Off-the-Shelf, Homebuilt Grill Drum Roaster! --Easy to build, small batch drum.
Modified and Home-Built Coffee Roasters

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The Homeroaster ™ is dedicated to helping the coffee homeroaster explore, find, acquire, roast and brew coffee to achieve the ultimate coffee experience. If you have suggestions for articles or information concerning homeroasting, please send them to me. Great things are coming in the near future for homeroasting, and I am excited about the possibilities! Please check back soon for great homeroasting information and opportunities for coffee homeroasters!
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Quote of the day..." Drink Good Coffee. You can sleep when you're DEAD! "
author unknown, but passed on to me by Robert Holland on the Homeroast List--Thanks!

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