Ed's off-the-shelf tiny drum roaster
Roaster design and photo by Ed Needham.

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Creative design using off the shelf parts and ingenuity.

April 2004

You can easily build a drum like this that will do 12 ounces at a time on a grill rotisserie.

---Needed tools...pop riveter, compound tin snips, a vise, or other means to bend sheet metal, sharp nail or a pointed center punch, 1/8" and 3/8" drill bits and drill.

---Buy a stainless cannister about 6" tall and a similar diameter as a canning funnel at Target, Wal-Mart, etc...

---Cut up an old stainless steel cookie sheet or similar for stirring vanes (use your imagination on this and save $$$)

---Buy a stainless canning funnel the same size as cannister top at someplace like 'Bed, Bath and Beyond'.

---Scrounge around for something that works as a rotisserie flange.

---Drill 3/8" hole in center of bottom of the cannister

---Drill holes necessary to mount and pop rivet flange to bottom.

---Cut stainless about 2" wide and about 2" longer than the cannister, and bend into an L shape angle.

---The extra length is used to extend beyond the top of the canister and mount the canning funnel. So cut and bend as needed to make a secure fit. Don't worry if there is a small space between the funnel and the canister. It is even good (for smoke and chaff to come out) as long as it is not large enough for beans to fall out.

---Drill two holes in each piece so it can be pop riveted to the inside of the canister.

---Drill four 1/8" holes in sides of cannister that align with holes in the stirring vanes. Use the holes in the vanes as a template. Mount the stirring vanes inside the canister with pop rivets.

---Mount the canning funnel to the ends of the stirring vanes.

---Roast coffee. It handles up to 12 ounces without beans falling out the end.


Ed Needham

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Ed's tiny drum roaster

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