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Hearthware Coffee Roasting Curves

These are not graphs I generated. Paul Hees says they were made by Kent Pierce. I do not have permission from the author to post these, but for the sake of interest on alt.coffee, I'm posting them for the group. Kent, if you're out there and do not want me to keep them posted here, email me and I'll remove them. Thanks for your hard work.

These are heat curves and heat curve comparisons from the Hearthware Precision Roaster and the Hearthware Gourmet roaster

Comparison between the Hearthware Precision Coffee Roaster and the Hearthware Gourmet

Four different heat curves at four intervals

Difference between first roast and second roast

Roasting at different ambient temperatures

Freshroast heat curve

Thanks to Barry Jarret and Paul Hees for helping complete the collection of graphs

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