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These are a few shots of the old "Street Level Coffeehouse" in New Albany, Indiana

My favorite times were the snowy nights

This shows the Chemex coffee setup and an auxillary stovetop steamer to help with making drinks when orders started getting backed up

My friend from IU Bloomington, Mark Pitts, who helped the first year to get things started.

My mom and business partner, Frances Needham, who took care of the behind the scenes administration and worked the tables too!

This shows about half the tables. The other half look the same way. This was just after a really good review in the restaurant section of the Louisville Scene in 1977

Scene Article

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This was an article in The Louisville Times-Scene giving the coffeehouse a great review.

The Homeroaster ™ is dedicated to helping the coffee homeroaster explore, find, acquire, roast and brew coffee to achieve the ultimate coffee experience. If you have suggestions for articles or information concerning homeroasting, please send them to me. Great things are coming in the near future for homeroasting, and I am excited about the possibilities! Please check back soon for great homeroasting information and opportunities for coffee homeroasters!

Ed Needham


Quote of the day..." Drink Good Coffee. You can sleep when you're DEAD! "
author unknown, but passed on to me by Robert Holland on the Homeroast List--Thanks!

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