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A 'Not-so-complete' List of Coffee Related Acronyms

Those who read and post to the Sweetmaria's Homeroast list are regularly tossing around acronyms which are shorthand for coffee terms or specific coffees. It was suggested that we keep a list somewhere as a reference to the meaning of the various acronyms.

Thanks to Dave Lowe, Paul Jolly and others for contributing to this list.

Here it is, in all of it's limited glory...

Acronym Definition

BB Black Bear (a roasting profile)

CIEB Classic Italian Espresso Blend

CRCS Costa Rica Private Estate from Cedrick

CRLM Costa Rica La Minita

CSA Coffee Snobs Association

DP Dry Processed

FT Fair Trade

FR FreshRoast (and a couple of variations of FR)

IPM Indian Pearl Mountain

ISH Island of St. Helena

JBM Jamaica Blue Mountain

JBM MB Jamaica Blue Mountain Mavis Banks Co-op

MCSE Maniacal Coffee Systems Engineer

PNWG Pacific North West Gathering (at the Mike McCoffee compound)

PNG Papua New Guinea

SCAA Specialty Coffee Association of America

HG High Grown

SHG Strictly High Grown

HB Hard Bean

SHB Strictly Hard Bean

SM Sweet Maria's (of course!)

WP Wet Processed

DP Dry Processed

WB West Bend (as in Poppery and Poppery II)

STWP Sulawesi Toraja Water Process (decaf)

SITP Sumatra Iskandar Triple Pick

STP car oil additive no-no I mean, Southern Tanzanian Peaberry

SP Super Prep

TP Triple Pick

STTP could be Sulwesi Toraja Triple Pick

LAEB Liquid Amber Espresso Blend

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