Home-built Stainless Steel, Pipe-Style Coffee Roaster
Article, photos and roaster design by Rob van Loenhout.

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Unique roaster for Homeroasting Great Coffee.

January 2003

This unit is a test bed, and as such was cobbled together out of what was lying around. It worked better than i could have hoped for, so now i need to look at rebuilding it in a less Heath Robinson fashion.

Roasting chamber is 100mm dia stainless steel pipe with the base made out a piece of 100NB carbon steel pipe. This was faced on a lathe so that it would form a reasonable seal on the plate below (top of the furnace).Gravity alone holds this over an 80NB piece of pipe on the top of the "furnace". Very little hot air leaks out between the plate and the roast chamber. With the fan on full noise the roast chamber will actually levitate (no beans onboard)

In order to light the gas torch i need to lift the top half of the "furnace" off. The mark II will have a piezo lighter. For safety the fan must be running before lighting the torch. If not when the furnace top is put back on the air depletes in seconds & the flame snuffs out. Also when fitted with a piezo there could be a gas build up prior to ignition and the fan would get blown out of the bottom (again). There does not appear to be any problems with flame outs at low gas settings. I can stall a roast before 2nd crack without the flame being snuffed.

The bean cooler is 250mm dia, 500gms of beans are approx 30mm deep in this and are cool within 90 seconds even in ambient of around 25C (77F).

Below is a drawing of how the roaster fits together...

Drawing of the Pipe Roaster

Fluid-bed Pipe Style Coffee Roaster

Here's a picture of the complete roaster.

Pipe Roaster Dismantled

This shows the various pieces of the roaster dismantled.

Stainless roast chamber

Here's a closeup of the roasting chamber.

This is the furnace for the roaster

This is the complete furnace for the roaster.

Into the belly of the beast

A look into the top of the furnace.

Bean cooling tray on top of blower

Innovative way to cool the beans...on top of the blower inlet.

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