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MECO Grill Modification for Coffee Roasting

This is a modification by Dan Nathan, who is using his MECO grill and a custom built rotisserie drum to roast coffee. Any and all mods are shown for informational purposes only and do not infer that they are safe. Any modification you choose to make to your grill is your responsibility.

Here's how his whole setup looks. Dan used the perforated stainless Frontgate waste can for a roast drum.

Fix on the Meco tstat took a Phillips head screwdriver, needlenose pliers and about 11 seconds. An ambient heat sensitive spring arm needed a gentle bend about 5-degrees to starboard. Deed is done - the first tweak was lucky/perfect. I think it'll still (just) pop the circuit open on hot days at a reasonably high temp.

Any attempt should be performed with the AC plug locked out, taped up and in your back pocket - looks like a sure way to get zapped otherwise.

Have run a couple more cycles with the change - the grill will run up (at least) to an indicated 600f. Max before was about 450-475 (summer) and 500-550 (winter). Without preheating beans, grill roasts faster/better. With preheated nuked beans, faster still. I think the shorter roasts are an improvement.

Ran 18 oz. of Smithfarms Kona (pre-nuked two minutes) to just before second crack in 14 minutes, ambient 35f - made a very nice pot right out of the roaster. Should be stunning tomorrow morning.

Dan Nathan

This is how it looks before modifying it.

Here's how to make the modification.

(Remember, you take full responsibility if you mess with your grill)

The Homeroaster ™ is dedicated to helping the coffee homeroaster explore, find, acquire, roast and brew coffee to achieve the ultimate coffee experience. If you have suggestions for articles or information concerning homeroasting, please send them to me. Great things are coming in the near future for homeroasting, and I am excited about the possibilities! Please check back soon for great homeroasting information and opportunities for coffee homeroasters!

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Quote of the day..." Drink Good Coffee. You can sleep when you're DEAD! "
author unknown, but passed on to me by Robert Holland on the Homeroast List--Thanks!

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