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You have discovered a new and unique service that can provide competent, personal and professional counseling ONLINE and SPONTANEOUS! with immediate feedback. This service utilizes an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) format that allows you to converse with a professional, masters level, Mental Health Counselor by using your computer keyboard. This can occur one-on-one, or as an online group working on common issues. Some of the many advantages are:

  1. You can remain totally anonymous and share your most troubling issues without risking exposure for things you are afraid might hurt you if they became known to others. Details of CONFIDENTIALITY ISSUES
  2. You don't have to leave the privacy of your own home. If you can access this web page, you have all the equipment you need to access ONLINE COUNSELING. Details of PROCEDURES
  3. The cost of this service is SUBSTANTIALLY lower than most face-to-face counseling of the same professional quality. Details of COST
  4. The first session is free, with no further obligation. Details of SIGN UP NOW ! ! !

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Types of Issues Addressed


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Who Can Use This Service?

Anyone 18 or older that is having difficulties in one or more of the above areas of need. It is recommended that if you have issues relating to seriously considering suicide, homicide or other violent issues, or if you have a history of any of those issues, PLEASE get professional help face to face rather than with this service. The scope of this service does not and cannot deal with all the complex personal, legal and liability issues involved.

If you are currently receiving counseling services from a professional, you need to discuss this service with them before you participate.

If you have a history of serious mental illness and/or numerous psychiatric hospitalizations this service may not help you very much and in fact may do more harm than good. E-mail me so we can discuss these specific issues.

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If you want further information on CYBERpsych you can contact me via e-mail at: cypsych@cyberpsych.win.net

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