Leonard Lo's Cast Iron Coffee Roaster
Roaster design and photo by Leonard Lo.
Creative design using off the shelf parts and ingenuity.

September 2003


Your site has inspired me to build my own coffee roaster.

Here is a picture of a home roaster I built recently. I got the idea from an antique Italian roaster that was on sale at e-bay. It looked like a cast iron skillet with a lid and a hand cranked stirrer.

Well, I've pretty much adopted the same concept, except for a hand cranked stirring mechanism, I used a drill powered one. For the "roasting chamber" I used a standard Lodge 2 quart cast iron pot, and the heat source is a $20 propane burner I found in a local camping supply store.

It does an amazing job roasting coffee. I can adjust the drill speed and amount of heat to change the roasting profile. I can roast up to 3/4 lb of beans at once with fairly good consistency. Roast time depends a lot the heat and drill speed settings and can be as short as 10 min to so far up to 30 min. I am currently working on a lid assembly, which will have a thermometer and side windows to view the coffee being roasted.

Thanks for putting up the site, and happy roasting!

Leonard from Austin, Texas

Leonard's roaster stirs the beans, and the thick, cast iron pot is perfect for an even roast

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Ed Needham

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Ed Needham 2003

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